Monday, May 9, 2011

137th Kentucky Derby

I've never been a big fan of horse racing.  Is that a horrible thing to say since I live in Kentucky?  My first time at any horse race was with an ex who took me along for "first time luck."  Didn't much work in his favor since he refused to bet on the horses I picked {who won, of course}.  The only time I've ever bet on a horse was solely because its name was "Girl Named Sam."  Seemed fitting.  I won on that bet, too.  $15!

Anyway, I hadn't given much thought to the derby this year.  I had planned to print out a jockey jersey coloring sheet for Roxy to color or maybe even buy a felt hat to let her decorate, but I procrastinated too long.  We made a quickie derby hat on Saturday afternoon simply by using a lot of Roxy's bows on a bonnet I had bought for $1 for Easter.  The end result was rather cute, I thought. 

As you can see, Roxy didn't much care for the hat regardless of what it looked like.  She did like to watch the horses run. 

Mommy and Uncle Michael made an impromptu bet of $5 on which horse they thought would win about two minutes before the race.  Mommy picked "Pants on Fire" or something similar {I forgot about two seconds after I said the name}.  Uncle Michael had "Twice the Appeal" picked out.  1.25 miles later and neither of our horses won.  Darn! 

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