Friday, April 15, 2011

Vroom, vroom!

We had a suprise visit from Pappaw last night!  And he had a surprise for us... 

He just got a new motorcycle.  Mommy wasn't surprised since Pappaw's had a bunch of bikes over the years.  I just really hope that he keeps the speed down on this one to prevent any possible mishaps. 

I had to admit, I thought Roxy would hate it.  Not so much sitting on it while it was quiet, but rather once it roared to life, she would be scared. 

Mommy was pleasantly surprised.  Roxy didn't even whimper when Pappaw started the bike up with her sitting on it.  She just looked around to see what was going on.  She really wanted to get close and touch the motor, but we were able to stop her before she burned her little fingers. 

Roxy had bunches of fun playing with the controls and checking the bike out.  Mommy really hopes that she doesn't decide she wants to ride one when she gets older.  (Not that I have anything against motorcycles, I just know how dangerous they can be from personal experience.)  When I was younger, I was terrified of them and hated riding them with my dad. 

After the excitement of the bike was over, Roxy couldn't wait to get in the yard and pick some "flowers."  Pappaw helped her up in the tree and showed her where lots of flowers were to be picked.  Roxy loved blowing on the flowers and watching the petals fly.  She even broke into dance while she was so excited about the flowers!

Roxy has been learning so many new things lately.  Every day when I come home, she's got something new to show me.  Lately, she's been learning sounds.  A chick goes "cluck", a bird goes "tweet", a frog goes "hop", a pig goes "[snort]", a mouse goes "eek eek", a cat goes "meow", and a dog goes "arf arf."  She also knows that a clock goes "tick tock", a gun goes "bang", and a car/truck goes "vroom."  For your viewing pleasure, I was able to get a video of these things last night before bedtime.  Turn your speakers up, ignore my country twang, and enjoy!

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  1. aww too cute!

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