Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lights... Camera... Action!!! (Wordful Wednesday)

We've been having a lot of those moments at the house where we need a camera handy to catch the sillyness of Roxy and there hasn't been one handy enough to get a picture!  I knew we'd missed some great shots, but Daddy informed me last night when I got home that we really needed one on hand at all times.  Apparently while I was at the dentist, Roxy put her night shirt over her head and then put her pants on as a hat.  Daddy had no camera to catch her being silly!

The same goes for Mommy.  I watched Daddy dressing Roxy for bed last night and the next thing I knew I saw toes popping out of the armhole of her sleeper.  Oops!  No camera handy to catch it on film.  Darn!

So our new goal is to keep the good ol' point and shoot handy in the living room for any potential Roxy moments we might need to catch on film. 

Who knows?  Maybe with the camera that handy, I can commit to my goal of 1 picture a day for a year!

In the meantime, here are a few shots captured over the weekend. 

I know I'm into something I shouldn't be.  Don't I look guilty?

Play time before bed.  Rocking in her chair and trying to put a 2nd pair of socks on.

Look where I got all by myself, Mommy!  She was so proud of herself :)

Ready for church!

So Roxy loves to rock in her rocking chair at home.  LOVES it!  At Great-Grandmomma's house Sunday, she found this miniature rocking chair.  She was determined to rock.  Too bad for her, she found out that she was too big for it! 

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