Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Hair Cut

It was finally time.  Time for Roxy to get her first haircut.  It still amazes me that with two parents with heads of thick hair, it took her 19 months to have enough to warrant trimming. 

After all was said and done, we got those pesky bangs out of her eyes and mini trim on the top, but left her teeny curls in the back alone.  After watching Mynaye and Mommy get their hair cut, she wasn't for sure what she thought about the process, but she was an angel when it was her turn.  She sat up on the stool and let Jack put the apron on her and sat really still the whole time.  She just listened to every word that he said to her. 

I was impressed.  I thought for sure that I would have to use the same hold for the haircut that I do for shots at the doctor's office.  

Roxy was awarded a sucker as a treat for doing so well and she loved it!  I wish I had a picture of all the sticky sweetness left over!

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