Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vacation 3.0 and 4.0

Monday dawned another warm and sunny Florida day.  We spent the morning just hanging around camp and relaxing while Roxy played with bubbles, cars, and the gravel some more. 

That afternoon we decided to go down the bayou to let Roxy play in the water some more.  She had such a blast splashing the water and grabbing little handfuls of sand!  You can catch my post from Monday showing Roxy playing in the water and sand here.  Here are a couple more pictures of Roxy playing in the water.

Footprints in the sand...
I just don't know about all this!
On Tuesday we packed up and headed to Navarre to go to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.  The zoo featured a petting zoo when you first went in that I thought Roxy would be super excited about.  Not so much.  She liked seeing the animals, but did not want any part of petting the animals.  She got to see a bunch of animals that we have been learning from her books.  Goats, guineau pigs, cows, chicks, rabbits, deer, llamas, and roosters were the first things we saw when we arrived. 

Roxy really like the giraffes.  Grandmomma had to reach really high to feed them, but Roxy couldn't help but point and smile at the tall animals.  

We stopped at this cutout of a momma kangaroo and her joey.  We couldn't help but put our faces in there.  I think this is the only picture of Roxy and I from vacation where she is kind of smiling. 

When we got back to camp, Roxy got to take a ride with Pap in his "car" around the park.  She loved it.  After her rides were over, she kept wandering back over to it and trying to climb back in the seat. 

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