Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

We had a quiet weekend at home for the most part.  We watched Cars and Bambi since Daddy bought them for Roxy.  Roxy colored with Mommy and Daddy on Friday night.  We learned that she loves to "co'or."  We also learned that she is still a little too young to sit still through a whole movie. 

Roxy started saying a new word this weekend.  We were so excited because we thought that she was saying "Grandma" when she said what sounded like "Bammaw."  Makes sense, right?  We later found out that "bammaw" actually means bellybutton.  As she had her shirt pulled up showing us her belly, she kept saying "bammaw" and pointing.  When I asked "Bellybutton?", I got that dazzling smile that means I hit the jackpot and actually understood what she was trying to tell me!

Roxy was a huge help to Grandmomma and Mommy while we were putting up a bulletin board at Grandmomma's work to spread word about the March for Babies.  She colored, played with the vending machines, read her book, played with her baby, and had a snack.  She was such a good girl and the bulletin board turned out pretty cute as well!

Roxy has also decided that she wants to dress herself.  She's been trying to put her own pants on for weeks now and been unsuccessful.  She's independent though and won't let us help.  (Sometimes she's trying to put pants on over pants or pants on her head rather than her legs.  It is really cute and sweet to watch her try so hard!)  This weekend after she was dressed for church, she decided she wanted to put her previously worn shirt back on.  She got it on and walked through the house with it over her face and only being able to see out of the armhole that was level with her eyes.  By the time I caught up with her to take it off, she had it over her head and circling her neck.  She thought she was awfully smart!

On Sunday afternoon, we also cheered the Cats on as they won their first victory on the road.  How exciting!  We beat Tennessee - even if it was a nailbiter!  Roxy clapped and cheered with everyone even though she was a little taken back when someone would get a little loud!

As you can see, she still loves to squeeze herself into small places.  Her favorite right now is the storage area of her car.  She will stand in it and then try to sit.  She still climbs into storage bins at home (and at church) and tries to push all of herself into these tiny spaces.  Its fun to see and watch her as she tries to accomplish something so wholeheartedly!  I am sometimes amazed at how squished and crunched up she can get herself.  And then there are the times that she sometimes goes a little too far and takes a tumble.  This picture was taken as I was trying to catch her standing in her car and she tumbled sideways right out of the car.  (That's what the pillow is beside the car.  Daddy was thinking ahead!)

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