Friday, March 11, 2011

EBay here we come!

Its that time of year again.  Its almost yard sale time and time to start getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore!  I did a random run through of my closet and pulled out a huge stack of clothes that have no need hanging there because some of them I know I haven't worn in over a year.  I started making a round in Roxy's room and decided that some of her stuff was better left to EBay because they wouldn't be good yard sale sales.  So, I'm in the midst of packing stuff to the garage, trying to take pictures of stuff without her walking in front of me, and just generally hoping that I can get rid of this stuff, not only for the room we'll have again, but because all our proceeds from EBay and the yard sale are going straight to the March for Babies.  Let's hope things do well! 

On a brighter note, Team Roxy has raised approximately $330.00 so far this year and we have yet to have three of our major fundraisers.  Once we get back from vacation, we have to hit the ground running with just a month left to accomplish it all.  Its gonna be a fun time!

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  1. Good luck cleaning everything out! I love once cleaning the closets out is all over with, it's so refreshing. Congrats on your amount raised for 'March for Babies' already!

    ~ Di


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