Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where's Roxy?

Looks like we might have a contortionist on our hands!  I am really beginning to think that maybe we should just quit buying Roxy toys since she loves playing with everyday household items so much more.  Last night this tote kept her occupied for close to an hour.  She'd get in, get out, and try to get back in again.  A couple nights ago, she had a blast playing with Dada and laundry basket.  She'd get in and he'd push her around.  Lots of giggles and smiles from that!
We finally got all our Valentine's Day stuff ready to go.  All I have left to do is bake so yummy cupcakes for Roxy's V-day party and we'll be good to go on Monday morning.  Mommy even sent a few Valentines of her own thanks to Krispy Kreme for providing me with free cards.  Even more special is that they were additionally a coupon for a free donut or hot chocolate. 
Our little artist drew another picture for us during art time at the sitter's house.  I love that she's learning to color.  Now if only she would realize the window crayons at home are for the window and not the kitchen linoleum!

If you get a chance, hop on over to With Just a Bit of Magic.  I'm guest posting there today about Valentine's Day gifts.  Well, unless you're Russell.  Then don't hop over.  You'll find out what you are getting for Valentine's Day!  If you are visiting from With Just a Bit of Magic, please leave a comment letting me know you stopped by and visit again soon!
** I was not compensated in any way to endorse Krispy Kreme.  I just love the deliciousness of their donuts :)

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