Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A "Stitch" in Time?

This weekend we had our typical Sunday lunch at Great-Grandmomma's.  Roxy was having a great time even though she was extremely tired and not wanting to take a nap.  She and Noah were engaging in a game of Peek-a-Boo with Noah's cap.  Something caught Roxy's eye and she turned to take off in that direction.  At the same time, she got her feet all tangled up and tripped.  We're slowly getting used to this falling stage that she seems to be going through, but this time it was different.  This time she hit the leg of Great-Grandmomma's table.  I was able to pick her up quickly because I had been sitting at the table when she fell.  Grandmomma grabbed her from me so we could check her out and try to get her to breathe because she was screaming in pain to the point where her mouth was open and nothing was coming out because she wasn't breathing.  As her mouth was open, I noticed she had bit her tongue.  I went to get an ice cube to make the pain a little better when Grandmomma informed me that her chin was bleeding.  After getting a cold, wet washcloth and letting her suck on the ice cube for a minute, I was able to get a better look at the spot on her chin.  Grandmomma moved the washcloth at the same time Roxy moved her head and the gash immediately filled with blood.  I immediately felt lightheaded and went in search of assistance.  Luckily for me, cousin Ashley was still there and she's seen far worse in her work in the medical profession. 

It was then that she told me what I feared the most.  Roxy needed stitches. 

Within minutes, we were poised to leave.  Everything had been tossed in a bag and arrangements had been made for Grandmomma to ride with me.  Both to keep me calm and to be on hand should someone need to apply pressure to Roxy's chin again.  Since the local hospital in my hometown seems to have a reputation for staph infections, I elected to go to the new urgent care center in our town.  On the way there, Roxy fell asleep.  She was snoozing hard when we got there!

We arrived and were told that Miss Roxy did in fact need stitches.  However, the doctor said he would prefer that we take her to a dermatologist to have them done the next day so that Roxy would have minimal scarring.  We were sent home with instructions to clean the wound with soap and water and apply a prescription antibiotic ointment until we could see a dermatologist to get it sutured. 

On Monday morning, I called our pediatrician to see who she recommended as a dermatologist.  I called and made an appointment with the recommended office and Roxy and I began the wait until her afternoon appointment.  About 10:30 a.m. I received a call from the dermatologist's office indicating that they would not perform the suture and that the doctor should have referred us to a plastic surgeon!!  I called the pediatrician's office yet again worried about what was going to happen with Roxy's laceration.  She asked me to bring her in so she could give me her opinion, but indicated that it was really too late to do anything.

Once at her office, she confirmed what she had said over the phone.  The hopeful time for doing suture would be six hours post incident and at the most 12 hours post incident.  At that point, we were 21 hours post.  She said that the chances of infection were astronomical if she sutured it at that point and would cause even more problems in the future.  She said that the urgent care doctor should have sutured the laceration without questioning the scar that Roxy might have had. 

Needless to say, this momma was and is not a happy one.  Roxy will still have a scar, but luckily, its under her chin and should not be a cause of concern for us or for her.  And if it is, we'll take care of it at that point in time.  We know next time to head straight to the ER!  I'm just aggravated because I would think that a doctor should know what type of specialists to refer people to and should have known that it would be too late to suture it when we got somewhere else.  Ugh!!!

Roxy is fine.  She was over the whole thing once she stopped crying.  She's been back to her usual perky self the past few days.  She just wants everyone to leave it alone!

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  1. Poor Roxy!
    Dermatologist? What in the world?! Just sew it up people! I'll show you the scar under my chin next time we're in church. No one even knows it's there. If you're going to have a scar, that's a great place to get one :)


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