Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rocking. Wildcats. Cars. Outside.

Roxy has learned (for the most part) how to get in and out of her rocker all by herself.  She'll climb up rock a second and then slide out so she can climb in again.  We spend a lot of time each night watching her carefully so she doesn't slip past us and climb in facing backwards on her knees or stand up.  Sometimes she tries to be sneaky, but luckily we've caught her before she's had an accident. 

Since the weather had been so nice last week, we spent some time with Roxy on the back deck so she could soak up some sun!  She really enjoyed it and cried when I made her go back in the house.  She loved to sit in her lawn chair and really wanted to climb right up in the big chair.

The Kentucky Wildcats played Saturday (Go Cats!) and Grandmomma was coming to visit so we decided to show our Wildcat spirit.  Little did Mommy know that when Grandmomma got to the house, she and Roxy would be dressed very similar!  We had to take a picture of our three generations of fans :)

Uncle Michael came to visit and check on Miss Roxy on Monday afternoon (He was so lucky to have the day off for a holiday!).  While he was there, Roxy rode her battery-operated car and she actually liked it for the first time.  They had a fun time riding back and forth between Roxy's room and the living room.

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