Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Electric!

Our baby girl sure does love to dance.  Her moves are getting more defined and she's mixing it up little by little.  Sunday at Great-Grandmomma's we listened to "Its Electric" so she could get her dances down before Grandmomma's big 5-0 party in September.  She showed us some moves we've never seen before!

 Roxy had a lot of fun playing with the big broom and dust pan at Great Grandmomma's house. 
 Enjoying her first ice cream sandwich ever!
 Yum yum!
Relaxing with her ice cream sandwich.  At least it was in the kitchen with a linoleum floor!


  1. She is so sweet! I love watching babies bust a move :)

  2. Oh the ice cream sandwich! Definitely invented by a mom! She is adorable and sure can dance!!


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