Friday, February 18, 2011

Growing Up

Roxy is growing up and I'm having a hard time keeping up.  Well, the blog anyway. 

These days, she's trying her best to climb.  So far, she's not been too successful in her endeavors.  She climbed up on a box a couple days ago only to fall the five inches.  When she's upset because we tell her no, she'll lay down on the floor and cry like her heart's been broken.  Its so sad. 

We have decided that since she can tell us when she's went to the bathroom that its time to start potty training.  Oh, the joy!  So far, we've made it to the point of purchasing a trainer potty and getting pull-ups.  Perhaps we can start training this weekend.  Her daddy got her a cute little potty and its CARS.  No frilly pink princesses or Disney princesses.  This one has a gearshift that makes a "vroom vroom" sound when you pull it.  She really digs it. 

She had a great Valentine's Day and a wonderful party at Nana Pam's house.  She came home all hyped up on sugar.  She had a cupcake, a cookie, and some ice cream.  Having her coming off that sugar high was an experience.  Talk about a drunk toddler walking around!

Since NayNay and Pap came home for the weekend, we spent lots and lots of time visiting them.  We can't wait to visit them in Florida.  We leave one month from today! 

While at NayNay and Pap's house, she discovered her rocking chair.  It originally belonged to Great Uncle Phillip and has been redone just for her.  She loves to rock in it and is trying her hardest to learn how to climb in and sit down all by herself. 

In the picture above, she's also modeling the new pjs that Gigi got her.  They are too cute and she just loves that they have trucks all over them!

She is starting to put two words together at a time.  Now she knows "car bye-bye."  She also thinks that "no" is hilarious.  The smile that lights up her face when we tell her no is super adorable, but she doesn't much care for the smack on the hand she may get if she's getting into trouble. 

She is also finally enjoying big girl food.  She loves little smokies and carrots.  I think she could eat carrots every meal.  Her face lights up when she sees those little orange cubes on her dinner plate!  (In the picture above, you might notice she has a slight mohawk from what was left from her ponytail.  This is a frequent hairstyle at our house because after a day in a ponytail, we take it down at night to give her hair a break.)

As much as she's becoming a big girl and we are trying to convince her she's a big girl, she still remains quite adamant that she is a "baby."  Her favorite response is to pat her chest and say "baby."  When I get home at night, she'll meet me at the top of the stairs and say, "baby."  I reassure her that she will always be Momma's baby, but I try to let her know she's a big girl now.

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