Monday, February 7, 2011

Catching Up

I realized in checking out my SD card last night, there are several things that I haven't kept up-to-date on here.  So, a few posts (and photos) to get everyone up to speed on Miss Roxy's latest and greatest!

 We played outside a couple Saturdays ago when Uncle Michael was over.  Roxy wasn't so sure about being outside.  It was cold and windy.  We didn't stay out too long before Roxy and I both had runny noses, but we had a good time.  Uncle Michael even had time to show Roxy how to slide on the ice/slush that was left on our back deck.  She thought that was great fun and tried really hard to mimick Uncle Michael's moves.

Roxy has the same problem Mommy and Daddy do with her little Levi jeans sagging a bit on her little butt.

Roxy loves going to church and getting all dressed up on Sunday morning.  This was the first time she sported a ponytail for church.  And who doesn't love hot pink tights?
Roxy still loves to play with her fire truck that Dada got her for Christmas.  Russ absolutely loves that this appears to be her favorite toy for the time being.  It will keep her occupied for close to an hour with her getting on and off all by herself!

A horrible self-portrait of Russ and I taken while we were playing in Miss Roxy's toybox with her.

While shopping on Saturday and checking out Crayola's section at Wal-Mart for crayons which would be harder for Roxy to eat, we ran upon window crayons.  Since Roxy loves to look out the patio doors, I thought these would be perfect for our budding artist.  Above is a picture of all the artwork on our door. 
 Above is Roxy's drawing on the window.  Below is a flower drawn by Mommy. 
Grandmomma couldn't pass up the chance to put her stamp on the door, either.  "Go Cats!" is typical for Grandmomma, especially since we're mid-season.

And that wraps up the Catch Up series!  On to Sunday's adventures next. 

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