Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trot Little Horsey

Monday night Daddy decided he was going to put together Roxy's rocking horse that Grandmomma and Pappaw had gotten her for Christmas.  We thought she'd love it. 

When Daddy pulled the horse out of its storage place in the closet, Roxy was immediately frightened.  For real.  The horse only stands six inches off the floor, but she didn't like it.  Daddy patted the horse's mane and talked to it trying to get Roxy to warm up to it.  I tried pressing the horse's ears, but the whinnying and trotting noises did absolutely nothing to make her want to be closer to the horse. 

Roxy finally started getting closer to the horse.  She played with the streamers on the handles and sat down to help Daddy with the assembly.

Then it was ready for her to ride.  I cannot tell you how hard it was to get her to sit on the horse. 

Daddy thought it might be helpful if demonstrated to Roxy how to ride the horsey.  These pictures I have to credit to happening to have the camera and have it on at the right moment:

Yes, that's Russ on a rocking horse that stands less than one foot tall.

After his demonstration didn't elicit any response or enthusiam for riding the horse, Russ pushed it toward Roxy hoping she would just climb on and rock away.  Instead, she decided to close the door on the horse and shut it out of her room. 

Finally, I sat Roxy on the horse. 

Did she like it?  Judging by her dismount, she didn't.  And she still won't get within two feet of the horse in her room. 

For now, I guess that we will bounce her on our knees singing "Trot little horsey, trot to town, trot little horsey, don't fall down!"  That she finds funny!

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  1. What a cute blog!! I didn't know you had one. I can't wait to get into the stories you have!! Also, Roxy's room is so cute! I also can't believe Russ didn't break that poor horse! lol!!


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