Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rollin' Christmas Day

Christmas Day and we had a LOT to do! 

First of all, thanks to a late night wake up call, our precious alarm clock let us sleep in and over sleep! 

Since Mommy and Daddy had opened presents on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning was all about Miss Roxy and her presents.  We had hoped that she would tear into the paper and at least assist a little in unwrapping her gifts, but we were wrong.  We wound up opening all of her presents.  Everywhere we went!

At home, Miss Roxy got a new kitchen, a Dora doll, some clothes and shoes, a shopping cart, a tricycle, some blocks and a new riding toy.  We had paper thrown all over the living room and Roxy right in the middle of it all!

After we opened presents at home, we hit the ground running to get to Grandmomma's for Christmas with her and Pappaw.  Roxy got even more toys and clothes and still, she made us do all the unwrapping. 

She really loved her cat and her The Shy Little Kitten book. She also got a table for two so that we can start having tea parties. She got the tea set as well.  Grandmomma and Pappaw also found her a cute little puppy who plays music from an MP3 player as well as barks and sneezes.  Roxy thought it was great fun although all she wanted was the music.  She quickly learned that if she kept pressing its nose, the music would eventually come back on... 

And when it did, she danced...  (I think this is her doing the robot!)

We left Grandmomma's and headed right back to Gigi's house before going to Cousin Rebecca's house.  Gigi had presents for everyone under her tree, too, so we spent some time opening everything.  Roxy got a princess tent which she loves to look through the windows of and a new coat that is so cute and stylish and a new hat and mittens.  She got some more books and a tea set so she have tea with Gigi.  Mommy knows she's probably forgetting something, but its hard to remember it all.  Mommy got a Kindle and she loves it!  She's even made time to read three new books on it. 

We had lots of fun at Gigi's house, but it was cut short too soon as we were due at Cousin Rebecca's for Christmas dinner. 

Roxy had fun playing with Tanner and Melissa.  She played with one of Tanner's trucks that made all kinds of neat noises and a old cell phone that nobody used anymore.  It was while playing with this that she learned how to say "hi" when she had the phone up to her ear.  It wasn't too long before we had to go so the wee one could go to bed and get rid of her crankiness. 
All in all, it was a very Merry Christmas!

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