Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year, A New Roxy

You know when you are warned against something and you think then that "This will never happen to me."?  That's the way I felt when the pediatrician told us to expect Roxy to start throwing tantrums and fits.  The closer she gets to 18 months, the more likely it will become because she's learning she has a voice.  Yeah, right!

Oh, was I wrong.  I am beginning to think that I am being punished for thinking that this could not happen to me. 

Take Sunday as an example.  After trying to get into everything she possibly could and didn't need to, she tries again.  I again tell her no.  She looks at me, takes a couple steps to touch what she's not supposed to, looks back to me and says, "Ha-ha."  Um, seriously?!?  Follow that up with several bouts of her just looking at me and screeching.  Yeah, she's a regular screamin' demon these days.

In other news, in addition to "skunk" and "stink,"  she is now saying "yuck" all the time.  She calls her toy tractor a "truck" and continues to prefer anything with wheels over anything girly.  Of course, I would have to have a tom boy!

Gotta love her, though :)

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