Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love to Learn

Roxy loves to learn.  She has since she came home.  We found out at her last NICU Grad Clinic follow up that she's ahead of the game in speech and comprehension.  It does not surprise me at all. 

Grandmomma and Pappaw bought the "My Baby Can Read" series for Roxy's first birthday.  Pickle and Pap worked with Roxy every day using the flashcards and books.  Roxy loved it!  She often cried when the book was put away for another day after reading it two or three times. 

Since Pickle and Pap are gone to Florida, Daddy took over so Roxy wouldn't lose any ground with the program.  Every night, Daddy and Roxy sit down to watch the DVD that came with the program so Roxy can learn some more.  This is the only time she sits still other than when she's sleeping. 

Roxy waving like the DVD asked her to.

Roxy smiling because the baby is on the screen.

Roxy holding on to her toes because the DVD asked where her toes were.

Roxy and Daddy starting a new DVD in the series last night which adds new gestures, motions and words to the ones she's previously been learning.  Now in addition to wave, arms up, and arms down, she's reaching, and saying yes and no.  Its very excited to see her learn so quickly. 

We're also working with her to say "Please" and "Thank you."  They're still a little muddled, but she's saying them! 

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