Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy and....Sad?

This is a time in Roxy's life that I am so deliriously happy that she is doing so wonderful and continuing to grow and learn and be a healthy 16-month-old.  So very happy!  But, at the same time I'm a little sad.  Sad to know that she's getting bigger and as one of the attorneys I work for pointed out, she no longer looks like a baby, but like a little girl.  She's a toddler - no doubt about it.  It makes me sad to think that those days when I could get her to come hang out in my arms are over.  Not that we had a whole lot of those anyway since she's always had her own agenda, but still. 

We're moving on to big girl stuff.  We've been trying to make the conversion to table foods (which is not going as well as expected, believe me!) and we've been letting her have a sippy cup more than a bottle.  Still working on getting her to take regular whole milk rather than toddler formula (right now we're at a half/half mix).  The next thing you know we'll be potty training and preparing for preschool.  **cue frowny face and sigh**

This morning I went to check on her while she playing in her crib and I was getting ready for work.  She had a toy car rolling it across the wall saying, "Car.  Vroom vroom."  So adorable!  Saturday morning when I came out of the bedroom she looked at me and said, "Hi mum!"  Her vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds and every day is something new.  She says shoe, skunk, stink, cat, dog, baby, crack (short for crackers), duck, tent, car, truck, yuck, carrot, hi, bye bye, mama, dada, barb, pap, pat, cup, bite, yum, cold, hot, bath, and the list goes on and on and on. 

So for now, I am enjoying the tickles, bath bubbles, and playtime because before I know it, it'll be time for backpacks, homework, and preschool.

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