Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Roxy's First Alabama Christmas

This past weekend we travelled to Alabama for the Tanner Christmas with all of Gigi's family! Roxy had a great time and was an angel throughout trip.

We took off Friday night and headed south.  Since it was so late, Miss Roxy slept most of the ride.  We arrived at 12:30 a.m. and quickly settled in for the night.  Roxy didn't sleep in the pack and play as planned, but with Mommy & Daddy for the first time ever!

Gigi had booked us in a lakeside cottage which was so quaint and the view from the deck was gorgeous! 

On Saturday, the Tanner clan came over to our cabin for the yummy breakfast that Gigi cooked for everyone.  She really outdid herself!

Roxy was so happy to meet her cousins for the first time.  She even got to see Baby Charlie who is just a couple weeks old!

After breakfast, we all rested and then Gigi and Mommy went to shop and have a visit while Roxy hung out with her daddy.  Daddy and Uncle Jim took her down to the lake so she could check out the water and I think she even gathered some stones!

We went for dinner at the lodge at the state park that night.  They had a huge tree and nice hot fire for Roxy to take in.  I think she really liked the tree best!

Mommy and Daddy had some "date" time on Sunday while Gigi kept Roxy at the cottage.  Roxy learned the word "skunk" from Gigi and she thinks its hilarious to say!  Even more so when you add on the "shew" afterwards.  She just giggled and giggled over "skunk!"

We had the family Christmas dinner on Sunday night at Aunt Pam & Uncle Greg's house.  Roxy met her cousin Tanner for the first time.  Tanner is Roxy's age and just about her size!  They followed each other around the house and it was too cute!

Roxy & Tanner hiding behind the bar stools at the island.
We were sad to go on Monday morning, but it was nice to be home, too.  Roxy played so well on the way home to be stuck in a car seat for almost six hours.  We took breaks often and she napped a couple times, too.  Such a cutie all relaxed in the back of the car!

And now, we are moving quickly toward Christmas and busiest time of the year. 

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