Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rockin' Christmas Eve

As usual, our Christmas holiday was packed with places to be, people to see, gifts to pass out, and lots and lots of visiting and catching up.  On the calendar for Christmas Eve was a visit to Great-Grandmomma's for Christmas dinner and a trip to Uncle Richard and Aunt Nancy's for Christmas dinner. 

As you can tell, there were quite a few of us there at Great-Grandmomma's to celebrate with her.  She's going to be 92 years old in January!  The top picture is a snapshot of all the cousins who were there on Friday.  The bottom picture is a picture of Great-Grandmomma with Grandmomma and all Roxy's great aunts and uncles.  There were three missing from the pictures so you can tell we have a huge family!  Roxy really enjoyed her time with everyone visiting. 

We left Great-Grandmomma's and went straight to Uncle Richard and Aunt Nancy.  Mommy didn't take any pictures there.  Roxy had a good time playing with the puppy and kitty.  She helped open her presents and played with Christmas cards.  She played with Tanner, Melissa, Rebecca and everyone else. 

We left and headed home to put the munchkin to sleep.  As Mommy was getting up to put our little sleeping beauty to bed, she giggled.  And she giggled in her sleep until Mommy got her tucked in her crib.  It was too cute!  Mommy thought she would wake her up because she was cracking up herself!

Mommy and Daddy decided to exchange gifts while the wee one was sleeping so that Christmas morning, it would be all about her.  It was a great decision!  Daddy went above and beyond this year.  Mommy got a new necklace and ring from Kay, the new camera that she desperately wanted, a new ear bud for her phone, Sex and the City 2 and Time Travellers Wife on DVD, and some comfy socks.  Daddy got the new Dangerous Hunts 2011 game for PS3, two new sweaters, a new electric razor, some personalized Tobasco sauce, and a DVD.  I think we were both excited with our Christmas gifts. 

It wasn't long before we were all in bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in our heads waiting for Christmas morning with our munchkin. 

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