Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day After Christmas

We celebrated with Pappaw George's side of the family on the day after Christmas.  Everyone got to come to our house!  

Roxy showed off her dancing skills yet again.  She's getting to be quite the little mover and shaker.  The source of her music to dance to?  Random ring tones from whoever has the closest phone. 

Roxy got to open her presents from Pappaw at this Christmas function and I have to say that she was more in to opening presents this time, but not a whole lot.  From Pappaw she got a really cool activity table that hooks into a TV for some interactive learning and some new clothes.  We really love the warm camo sleeper!

I think Roxy's favorite part of the holidays was visiting with everyone.  For this year at least, it wasn't about what gifts she got.  We all enjoyed seeing our family and breaking bread with those closest to us.  But, this Mommy is glad that all the holiday hustle and bustle is over for another approximately 350 days!

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