Monday, November 8, 2010

Roxy's Walking!

Despite the double ear infection-burst ear drum saga that Miss Roxy has been going through the past couple weeks, she has been a good baby throughout with minimal fussiness and whining.  She decided on Friday to start toddling around without assistance!  Here she is showing off yesterday at Great-Grandmomma's house.

In other news, another tooth has broken ground and is really showing up well.  I'm telling you, she can really bite down now.  I stuck my finger in her mouth this weekend to feel the new tooth and she thought it was only fair that she stick her finger in my mouth to feel, as well.  She's too cute!


  1. Hi, Samantha. Your precious Angel is absolutely adorable. I am here to follow your blog from Monday Mingle but I cannot seem to locate your Google Friends Connect widget. Let me know where I could find it so I could come back and follow your blog. I look forward to getting to know you.


  2. Hey Maria - somehow my GFC widget disappeared after I redid my layout last. I hadn't noticed until now. I've put it back where it belongs. Its on the left sidebar of the blog.


  3. Hi Samantha
    Loving your header, just showed it to everyone around me in Barnes and Nobles - sorry :)
    Thanks for visiting at my blog, do hope you get to stop back often ... there's always something going on from irreverent to profound!
    And promise not to torture you too much with this staying in the Top Ten Babble thing - but its all so exciting, in case you hadn't picked that up - lol!
    I would troll all over the blogosphere asking for votes, but that would make me feel rather 'dirty' :)


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