Monday, November 1, 2010

Ladybug's Spooktacular Halloween

Roxy had a very busy weekend.  We had three parties to go to in three days.  A big deal with any child of Roxy's age, but with Roxy having an ear infection, it made it a little more interesting and her a little more clingy.

We went to Daddy's pal, Sam's house on Friday night for a great big Halloween party with two huge bonfires.  Roxy went as a peace sign.  We didn't hang out outside, but rather inside with other kids.  Roxy loved playing with the other kids and just chatted right along with them even though no one could understand what she was saying.  There was one little mummy there that she had an absolute blast with. 

On Saturday, we went to have family pictures made for our Christmas cards this year.  A little early, I know, but with Mommy procrastinating so much these days, we're hoping that I will manage to get them finished before its too late to send them out.  Roxy was a really good girl and did great during all the pictures.  Some of our favorites:

One little happy family

Roxy had just burped extremely loud thus causing my facial expression and her "What?" expression

Waiting for Santa to appear

Mommy's little lady

How she sits like this ALL THE TIME I still haven't figured out.

"All gone."

The first pictures of us that are decent since our wedding photos.

After our pictures were finished, we headed to home to get ready for a trip to Owenton to spend some time at Cousin Ashley's house for trick-or-treating. Because Roxy is too small, we decided to help give out candy instead of going door to door.

(I highly recommend that you not try face paint on a toddler.  Roxy had red paint everywhere!  To the extent that we took it off before we left the house with the exception of her black nose.  Even it was gone before we got to Owenton...)  We also met up with Roxy's friend, Addy, who was dressed up as a bumble bee.  They were too cute together!

Roxy had tons of fun with everyone at Cousin Ashley's house.  She played really hard and even watched trick-or-treaters come to the porch to get treats!

Boogeyin' down at Cousin Ashley's
Yesterday Roxy and I headed back to Owenton for Sunday dinner at Great-Grandmomma's house.  We showed her off in her peace sign costume again.  She had lots of fun playing with everyone - especially Uncle Michael, Aunt Stacey, and Pappaw George who she hasn't seen in awhile.  She had tons of fun with everyone and really enjoyed the sucker that Pappaw sneaked her.  Lucky for Mommy, she really only wanted to hold it and waive it around. 

Roxy also went to Uncle Richard and Aunt Nancy's house last night to see them and the Martin family.  Mommy didn't go so there aren't any pictures, but I hear she had a good time before she started feeling bad.  Daddy brought her home and gave her a bath and it was sleepy time for a sleepy little girl.  Plum tuckered from an uber busy weekend full of festivities.

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