Friday, November 19, 2010

Feelin' better.

I don't feel good!
Miss Roxy's ears are finally better.  A check-up with the pediatrician on Monday verified that indeed her ears looked much better.  And that runny nose we had all day Saturday?  A side effect of teething.  I think we'll all be happy when all Roxy's teeth come in, but none of us more so than she.  The doctor did prescribe some medicine to help all the congestion and runny nose go away and told Mommy to use Tylenol liberally so that Roxy wouldn't have to be in a lot of pain. 

However, the doctor did determine that since Roxy was feeling better there was no reason why she couldn't have her 12 month shots.  That was something that I truly wish I never had to go through again.  See, when Roxy was a baby and had shots, she rarely cried.  As a matter of fact, she just didn't pay attention.  But this time?  I think it may have been when the nurse had me hold her still be squishing her feet between my knees and bearhugging her that gave it up that something was going to happen she didn't like!  Four shots in the space of one minute and one very upset toddler.  The upside?  She was fine once she was done and had a graham cracker stick as a reward.  So now she's received her MMR and Chicken Pox boosters, her last Prevnar and her first flu vaccine.  In a month, we go back for two more! 

Crazy hair day!

The last few days she's been cranky.  She ran a low fever yesterday.  All signs we were told to expect, but then again, with Pickle sick, Roxy's world's been turned upside down with a new babysitter and a new schedule.  Daddy said he didn't even want to leave her at the sitter's because she was crying when he left :(

Today, we are back to normal.  She's at Pickle's and Mommy took her there and I got to see one happy baby before I left for work. 

Its almost the weekend and Mommy is looking forward to time with Roxy and Daddy this weekend.  As well as Mommy's family who are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.  Let's hope Mommy doesn't burn the house down cookin'! 

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