Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rockin' Weekend

This weekend was all about Grandmomma!  Her birthday was Saturday and we spent most of the weekend hangin' out with her. 

Happy 49th Birthday, Grandmomma Roxie!

Friday night Roxy and I had dinner with her at a local restaurant and hung out with Picle & Pap for a bit, too.

Saturday was lots of fun. Grandmomma, Roxy, Uncle Michael and I had lunch at O'Charley's.  Grandmomma had all of her munchkins in one place for once!  We all had a great time and Roxy even had the waitress playing her favorite game of pickup before we left.

We headed back home to pick up Daddy for the pumpkin patch and then headed out again.  Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the pumpkin patch before they were closing, so instead, Daddy treated us to DQ ice cream for Grandmomma's birthday. 

Roxy doesn't care for whipped cream.

She'd rather have real ice cream!

Taking a sip of Grandmomma's chocolate shake.

Check me out - I'm a big girl now!

Daddy actually took a picture of Mommy and Roxy together. 

After such a big day on Saturday, we decided it would be best to leave her with Daddy while Mommy and Grandmomma celebrated her birthday on Sunday with Gary Allan concert tickets.  Mommy lucked out with four tickets that were 8 rows back on the floor and center stage. 

Mommy & Grandmomma before the show started.

Pappaw Owen with two of his girls.

Grandmomma & Nikki (the birthday girls) and Mommy

It was a huge weekend for all of us, and between spending quality time with Roxy and Grandmomma and seeing this guy point directly at you during the concert, it was a weekend that truly ROCKED!

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