Thursday, October 7, 2010

A is for Attitude...

...and Miss Roxy sure has enough of it. 

Our little angel is angelic most of the time, but we are getting to the point now to where she ignores us if she feels like it and can get downright mean and cranky when you try to make her do something she doesn't want to.

"I'm not listening."
Rewind to Sunday night.  Mommy was trying to put a cranky little girl to bed about 8:00 p.m.  Normal bedtime routine and nothing out of the ordinary.  Until a teeny little fist smacked Mommy on the chin. No biggie, right?  Then four little fingers with extra sharp little nails scratched down Mommy's eye.  OUCH!  So I decided it was time to say "No."  I did and Roxy just cried and cried like I had broke her heart and hurt her feelings in the worst way.  Dang, y'all!  Isn't it the worst feeling ever for knowing you made your baby cry?  I felt guilty and I was only doing what was right!  Finally the munchkin went to sleep, but it was a battle.

Fast forward to last night.  We had been grocery shopping.  She got tired of it quickly because I would not allow her to chew on my coupons.  I'm trying to become a coupon mom, and darling, Mommy has to have those.  (We saved a whopping $67.00 and change with coupons and a plus card!)  We left Kroger and Roxy was gnawing on Mommy's cell phone which keeps her happier than any toy imaginable. 

We got home finally after one short stop and a lot of crying later.  It was feeding time so Mommy got Roxy some squash and zuccini which she likes and a bottle.  At first she was all excited and eating like she was starved.  Until she got mad and spit out squash and zuccini leaving Mommy covered in baby food.  I had droplets in my hair, my eye, and all over my work clothes.  Made me appreciate the fact that I do not own dry clean only clothing. 

And after all this I look at my cell phone to find out only that Roxy scraped the facing with her teeth.  Literally scraped lines into the face of my phone!  And apparently did something to it because Mommy had serious trouble last night.  She couldn't hear anyone unless it was on speaker, she couldn't use the green phone button because it showed up as "Y" and I couldn't use the calculator because "0" cleared the numbers rather than being just a zero.  Thankfully this morning its working fine.  Its a good thing, too.  This is Mommy's second Blackberry and she's only had it for two weeks!

But even if she does have an attitude at age 1, I wouldn't have her any other way.  These are moments that I will always treasure and can't wait for her to read one day when she reads my blog of her life. 

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