Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roxy's Royal Birthday Celebration

I tell you what - planning a party for a one year is hard.  Even harder when there are going to be kids from 1 year to 10 years there. 

I was sure that September 4, 2010, was going to dawn a sunny, not-too-hot day and perfect for Roxy's party to be partially outside.  I was right; I just forgot to factor in the wind that was blowing the decorations everywhere. 

My original plans of pink and white crepe paper everywhere were immediately destroyed.  There was no way that it would last even a minute outside with the wind blowing that hard.  So we did the best we could.

I started off by decorating our entryway and stairs with some flower-shaped garland I found for super cheap.  Then as you walked into our living room, one wall was decorated by a "Princess Party" wall cling that took up a good chunk of the wall - complete with princess castle and all.  A huge balloon bouquet was front and center on the coffee table as well as another princess centerpiece. 

In our dining room, the table was festively decorated with a matching princess party tablecloth, lots of food in coordinating clear bowls as well as a utensil caddy shaped like a castle and princess plates/cups/napkins and pink silverware.  I used as much confetti as I dared with little ones around and put a balloon bouquet on either side of the table. 

Our nice sized deck was loaded with three tables - two for sitting and one for gifts.  The two for sitting had plain pink tablecloths, a balloon bouquet and toys/bubbles for the kids to play with.  Thanks to the wind, the only survivor on these tables were the tablecloths that had been taped down.  Roxy's gift table was covered by a princess canopy that Mommy lucked up on at a yard sale.  It was also covered with a princess party tablecloth.  As you can tell by the picture, there was no room for Mommy or Roxy to sit at the gift table. 

I had also set up a pin the jewel on the crown game on the side of the house for the kids who were old enough and we had a pinata for them as well.  We had even found a princess pinata that was pull-string so Princess Roxy could play, too!

I had originally planned on filling treat bags for the kids, but when push came to shove Saturday morning, I ran out of time.  So I loaded up a great big basket full of fun things - princess wands, squishy balls, crayons, notepads, ink pens, necklaces, bracelets, bubbles, etc. - and let the kids fill their own bags once the pinata had dumped more than 15 pounds of candy on the ground. 

We had so many people there.  Roxy has great friends and family and about fifty showed up to let her know it!  Roxy's pal Waverly came even though she her shots left her feeling under the weather. 

We had lots of fun with games, cake and presents.  The guys watched football and the girls watched Roxy "dig" into her birthday cake and open presents.  (For what seemed like eternity!)

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