Monday, August 23, 2010

Today is a blah day.  The weekend was busy and now its back to the ho-hum of everyday.  Now, I wish I could go back and get a little more rest out of the weekend and spend a little more time with my munchkin girl.

We started off the weekend shopping for yet another outfit for Roxy's 12-month photo session on Saturday.  The photographer had just gotten a rocking horse so we felt the need to get some bib overalls and we did.  Along with a couple other things for her and a couple new items for Mommy. 

Roxy playing with her reflection at Kohls.

I still have no idea how we managed to get behind schedule Saturday morning when the munchkin had me up and about at 6:30 a.m.  I would have loved to sleep in, but since I didn't, I did manage to hang wall decorations on Roxy's walls. 

A stop at Kroger to pick up balloons and a cake for the photo shoot wound up taking twice the time expected.  Mommy forgot to print out the Facebook message with directions to the studio so even though we could have been on time, the three trips around the block caused us to be late. 

Roxy did well during her photo shoot, but I often wonder why my little girl doesn't smile when the camera is in front of her.  Of course, the seven plus outfit changes could be part of the reason!  She was plum tuckered out at the end of the session.  I gave her a bottle on the way home thinking she would nap, but she found a second wind and kept right on going and going.  My own Energizer bunny!

Roxy stayed with Grandmomma and Pappaw Saturday evening so that Mommy and Daddy could each have a night out - Mommy watching a movie and Daddy playing video games. 

We spent another great day on Sunday with church and then a trip to Owenton.  Roxy loves visiting all of her family from Uncle Jim & Gigi at church to the Owenton bunch at Granny's for lunch on Sunday!  We even got to have dinner with Grandmomma and Pappaw Sunday night before we came home so that we could spend a little extra time with them before we leave for a quick vacation to Gatlinburg in a few more days.

That's the most exciting thing about this Monday.  Vacation begins Friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m.  We are heading to Gatlinburg right after work to spend some quality time with Poppa and Nana.  It will be their very first time meeting Miss Roxy in person.  We are spending four days with them and then coming home.  Mommy is off all week so she gets to spend a whole week with the wee one for some much needed quality time.  And on Saturday - Roxy's birthday party.  Then a family reunion on Sunday.  Its going to be a great vacation and it even has an extra Monday of rest added in for Mommy!

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