Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Slowly settling in.

The move, for the most part, is over.  We just have a few more odds and ends to move to the new house and we will be finished!  Now we are spending every night unpacking boxes, hanging pictures, curtains, etc. making our new house a home.  I've been quite surprised at how quickly Roxy has made the adjustment.  She seems to like the new house as much as we do.

Miss Roxy decided to start crawling this past weekend.  Sunday night she just took off across the floor.  We are so very proud of her!  11 months and 3 days old :)  We also lowered her crib because she was pulling up on the railing.  The last thing we need is for her to pull herself out and fall. 

The next few weeks are going to be busy as we prepare for Roxy's 12 month photos, a trip to Gatlinburg for Roxy to meet Poppa and Nana for the first time, and (drumroll, please) Roxy's 1st birthday party!  I have a giant party planned for my princess and I hope to have pictures posted soon after.  I can't believe its less than a month away.

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