Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching up!

Roxy is totally mobile these days.  She crawls faster every day!  She still doesn't care much for the feel of hard wood or linoleum, but she's not letting that hold her back.  She makes visits to see Aunt Faye in the kitchen and checks out the bedrooms and has even been to the bathroom at our house. 

Lately, she is pulling up on anything and everything!  She has mastered pulling up next to her exersaucer and learned last night that she can do the same thing when she's in her crib.  Really glad that Russ and I lowered the crib matress about a week ago!

She's also jabbering more and more.  It now sounds like she's saying sentences and we just don't understand!  She especially likes to jabber to you when you tell her no.  I'm guessing that she's telling us what she thinks of "no."  Perhaps her version of "I'll do it anyway, thanks."  She usually goes right back for whatever she was going for. 

She is drinking more and more out of a straw or sippy cup and is eating little puffed rice snacks and yogurt melts - even without teeth!  We are patiently awaiting the arrival of that first tooth :)  In the meantime, Roxy finds all kinds of things to chew on...

including Grandmomma's leg or Pickle's shoulder. 

She's plays hard and rewards herself often by clapping her hands.  She knows when she's done something great. 

There's always not so happy moments during play, too.

She loves going shopping. 

She loves to visit with Great-Grandmomma, too!  Roxy loves her great-grandmother.  On Sundays they play together.  Great-Grandmomma will play patty-cake with Roxy and Roxy pays close attention.  Afterwards, she'll give Great-Grandmomma a pat on the hand to let her know she did it just right. 

Roxy also loves to use Great-Grandmomma's walker for a walker herself. 

Roxy is talking more and more.  She's got Mama down pat, even though she only uses it when she gets mad.  She is also working on waving and saying "hi" and "bye."  She's getting there.  However, I think Dada is a little jealous that she hasn't said Dada yet.  So now we both walk around the house saying Dadadadadadadada hoping that Roxy will soon follow.  She has a mind of her own so I guess it depends on our luck.  She'll do it when she's ready and not a second before. 

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