Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ma Ma's Girl

What a crazy and hectic few weeks!  Well, okay, maybe Mommy's been slacking on the blog front, but honestly, the past week has been C-R-A-Z-Y!  To emphasize my point, my 8-5 Monday through Friday job has given me some overtime.  As in, I have worked every day for at least two hours since Monday, June 28th!
My munchkin and sometimes Mini-Me hasn't given me any breaks either.  Every time we look up she is doing something new or getting better at something old. 

Now she is not crawling yet, but look out - it is in our very near future.  She has learned to roll and scoot to get to what she wants.  Her latest prize is her daddy's surround sound cords. 

We spent a nice long weekend together despite my overtime.  My biggest surprise was on Saturday, July 3rd.  We were hanging at the house, just me and Roxy.  I decided to video her rolling around and she was in a great mood, smiling the entire time!  The little booger popped up on her elbows, looked at me and smiled, and said "Ma Ma!"  Her first word was Mama!  I was videoing and apparently in complete shock because I couldn't do anything but sit and wait for her to say it again.  Which she didn't!  But hey, the first one is amazingly enough caught on tape and its the first first I have been there for in person!  Russ says she was just making sounds, but he's not taking this one from me - she said Mama first!  All the hard work and looking like an idiot while repeating "Mamamamamamamamama" worked :)

Roxy had a big weekend.  On Friday night she stayed with Grandmomma and Pappaw Owen while Mommy and Daddy went to see Eclipse with A.J. (Aunt Jenn).  Saturday night she visited with Gigi before Gigi left for Philly for a week. 

Sunday, oh Sunday, we wore her out! 

She started off the day hanging out with Daddy while Mommy worked.  And then it was hanging out with Mommy in preparation for the family cookout.  Nothing would be more fitting for Roxy's first Fourth of July than a red, white and blue (with a little pink) outfit! 
Notice - stars on the pants and stripes on the hat! 

She spent lots of time with family.  She splashed in her little flower pool.

Then she fell asleep in the swing with Uncle Michael.

She swang with Aunt Faye a/k/a Pickle.

She played some more in her exersaucer outside.

She played with Uncle Johnny and tried to eat his sunglasses.

She and Uncle Michael finished up the night watching fireworks.

Yesterday she showed Mommy that she can clap her hands together.  Last night, Daddy, Mommy and Roxy were hanging out in the kitchen clapping together at her newest accomplishment. 

Have I told you guys how much Roxy loves doggies?  She loves doggies.  We found this out at a good friend's baby shower.  They have a huge puppy.  When she started barking, I thought Roxy was going to cry and be upset.  I was wrong.  She started giggling.  Every time the puppy looked at her, she giggled some more.  She giggled so hard that her little face turned red and she couldn't catch her breath.  I thought it might be a one-time thing, but no, she loves Scooby at Pickle's house as well.  She's working on being the same with the cats, but apparently their laziness is not something she finds amusement in yet. 

Lastly, Baby Roxy is soon to have a new home.  Mommy and Daddy are getting ready to close on a bigger house so Roxy has more room to run and play.  This one even has a back yard and deck so we can spend more time outside!  Mommy can't wait to start decorating Roxy's new room.  Look out July 19th!

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