Friday, July 30, 2010

Life at the 201

So once again, here I am updating the blog very, very late.  Please accept my apologies.

This post is dedicated to what our life has been like for the past two weeks - since the day Russ and I closed on our first family home. 

Roxy has been enjoying her new home and playing in the living room while Mommy and Daddy spruce it up a bit.  She's been quite content to hang out while clean, caulk, etc. 

She also checked out Uncle Michael's mower when he mowed the yard the first time.

We've been rather busy between the house and our usual activities.  Roxy got to attend the first birthday party of our good friend, Addy. 


Roxy has also been growing and learning new things.  She's still not crawling, but she is getting on all fours and rocking.  She's also reaching for things and trying to pull up.  She's had her first two boo-boos that were all her own this week from trying to reach door handles and falling into the door.  Roxy has also been standing up by herself for brief seconds-at-time. 

Roxy has taught herself how to "roll it."  She had the "pat it" part of patty cake down, but now she rolls it just like the rhyme.  Its too cute!  Before long, she'll be pitchin' it in the pan!

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