Monday, May 24, 2010

Another lovely weekend with my darling daughter.  We have so much fun on those days when Mommy doesn't have to rush to work, but instead gets to spend time with the wee one. 

Friday night, Pappaw George, Uncle Michael and Aunt Stacey came to visit and play.  Uncle Michael and Aunt Stacey had been on vacation and you could tell that Roxy missed them by how easily and quickly she was caught up in playing with Aunt Stacey! 

On Saturday we spent some time at Aunt Faye's and did some shopping.  Mommy wanted to try out consignment shops on some of Roxy's stuff and we had to buy new stuff to replace the old...  Grandmomma  and Aunt Carley came up for dinner and then some more shopping.  Lots of new clothes for the little one. 

Roxy went with Daddy to church on Sunday morning and was able to spend some time with Gigi.  Mommy picked her up from church and we headed north to Aunt Faye's birthday party at Great-Grandmomma's.  As usual, Roxy was passed from cousin to aunt to grandmomma over and again.  She doesn't mind.  She's such a trooper that she was still smiling at the end of the day. 

Our little angel is growing up so quickly.  She is recovering from her ear infection last week.  I am sure that she now weighs more than the 16 pounds 12 ounces she was last Monday.  And she's getting tall - 26 inches.  We're hoping she doesn't have a choice in being tall.  Russ and I both are. 

Chillin' with Dad on Saturday morning
Laughing at me and playing with her wipey box (her new favorite toy)
Trying to touch her toes and wondering why she has shoes on
"Really, Mom?!? Do you have to take 100 pictures right now?"
(I can't decide if she is giving attitude or is just pensive...)
Helping Grandmomma decide on an entree
Occupying herself while the grown-ups got to eat

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