Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring has sprung!

I guess I should start out by saying that this was a blog I intended to complete well over a week ago and haven't had a chance to finish it :)  I'm slacking on the blog front.

Roxy is getting so big and developing so many new fun habits.  We are quickly approaching 8 months and she should only really be 5 months. 

Her new things are so funny to watch because she repeats them over and over - as most babies do.  The first new habit is sticking her tongue in between her lips and blowing - usually with a mouth full of spit or milk - so that the person holding her or in close proximity gets sprayed.  She's finally learned how to pull hair and is reaching for people more and more often!  She is sitting up all by herself for short periods of time and is concentrating really hard on pulling herself up from laying down if she wants to sit up.  Roxy is mimmicking sounds as well.  She now coughs a little fake cough sometimes - I think she picked it up from Russ clearing his throat/coughing.  Her voice is getting stronger - she's squealing, babbling and crying a lot louder than ever before.  And she may have teeth before too long.  She has two spots - one upper and one lower - that are white and you can feel the ridge of the tooth just right under her gums. 

She's getting so big so quickly - it makes me so happy and so sad at the same time. 

Our big girl had a great big Easter weekend. 

On Saturday we went to the church Easter egg hunt and had her picture taken with the Easter bunny.  On Sunday we went to church and then to Cousin Rebecca's for Easter dinner with Daddy's family.  We left and went to Owenton to have an Easter egg hunt with Uncle Michael, Aunt Stacey, Grandmomma, Pickle, Aunt Barb, and cousins Nikki, Ashley, Elise and Meredith.  It was lots of fun!  Uncle Michael helped Roxy hunt eggs and she found 62!  (Actually we all spent time picking them up for her, but Uncle Michael packed her around.)

Roxy wound up with an Easter basket and two Easter bags.  All filled with books, movies and lots and lots of clothes.  Grandmomma's bag had her first lollipop in it and Mommy let her have her first lick.  I think its safe to say that she really liked it. 

Spring has definitely arrived around the Bluegrass.  Roxy is learning to like the outdoors.  Pickle takes her outside every day and shows her flowers and lets her watch the leaves rustle.  She's had her toes in the grass.  She loves it - as long as the sun isn't in her eyes!  I have no doubt that my aunt will have her making mud pies before long and I will one day go home to find my baby girl with dirty feet and mud up to her elbows and offering me a "pie."  Things to look forward to...

Other bigs news - Mommy and Daddy are trying to buy Roxy a big new house so she will have plenty of space to crawl around in without the steep staircase we have now.  Its been a long process already and we don't even have a contract yet, but we are trying. 

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