Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Its been awhile - #1

Its been too long since I posted. It feels like so much has happened with our little angel baby since my last post.

We had our NICU Graduate Clinic follow up appointment on March 3rd. As it was our first visit to the Graduate Clinic after Roxy's discharge from the Children's Hospital on November 11th, we were not for sure what to expect.

At first, they weighed Roxy in and checked her height. She weighed in at 12 pounds, 15.2 ounces, and was 24 inches long. The first doctor that was doing all this began asking about her eating habits. Of course, we as parents think that she is doing awesome. She's up to 5 ounces every three hours and she eats a little teaspoon of cereal every night to help her sleep. This is where I started to get confused. First off, no more cereal for at least another month, if not two. Second, we may want to watch how much she is taking in and try to control her weight while she is young. WHAT?!?! But, five months ago, all we wanted to do was to see her grow!

On to the second doctor. This doctor did a more thorough exam of her physicalities. How her legs, arms and joints were moving and if they were stiff. The whole time they try to throw you off by making you think that they are playing with your little one, but they are really testing them out. This is the point where I started to get really concerned. The doctor looks at me and says, "She had a brain bleed, right?" Insert face of shock and jaw on the floor. Never did they ever mention a brain bleed during her stay in the NICU. Even in my stressed out state, I know I would remember a comment about that.

They continued to exam her and then a third doctor comes in. This doctor was the attending physician over the NICU when Roxy was there. She tells me that my little one has to have an MRI because they believe she may have scar tissue "in the gray matter." Seriously, can't we just say brain? So, instead of scheduling an MRI right away, we must first start with a head ultrasound. Ugh! I want to know without a doubt that my baby is healthy and has no problems, but must we always be making her do this test or that? Every doctor's appointment has either been tests or shots.

At the conclusion of the appointment, we are also told absolutely no jumper, walker, exersaucer or other similar toy. EVER. And Russ had just put ours together. So, that's how that went. Oh, and we are still waiting on the Graduate Clinic to make Miss Roxy's ultrasound appointment.
On to our next big the next post...


  1. Ever? Why not?

    As far as weight (though I'm not a doctor) I wouldn't stress about "limiting it" too much. My son Glenn was a very fat baby (the doc lectured me until he was 3.5 years old about his weight) but now he looks like every other classmate in the first grade.

  2. Sara - They said that Miss Roxy has built up her back and leg muscles to the point where using any of those items would only continue to build them up even more and she needs to concentrate on using muscles that help her sit up and roll over, etc. The doctor also said that she thought they needed to be taken off the market for all babies, but didn't go into much more detail.

    Thanks for the weight advice. I feel like I'm leaving her hungry if I don't keep to our schedule and that makes me sad :( Especially since the kiddo no longer gives us signals that she's hungry.


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