Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Growing up

**Fresh and Clean**
Our little one continues to amaze me. It seems like she grows so much each day! She is continually doing well.

She has started to smile more and more when we talk to her. She moves her little mouth like she really wants to talk back. Anytime I change her, I blow raspberries on her belly and she just kicks and waves her little arms and occasionally smiles. Roxy grabs onto her toys on her play mat, too. Her little fist will latch onto to anything she can get it around! She also watches everything around her so much more closely now. Watch out if there is basketball or football on TV. She wants to be somewhere where she can see what's going on!
Mommy and Daddy bought her a new bathtub that is complete with spa features and she is loving it. It makes a whirlpool and it has a shower head to help wash the bubbles off! Its a brand new way for Roxy to enjoy her bathtime!

Last night I held the phone to her ear so she could talk to Aunt Faye and Pap for a minute and she giggled while Aunt Faye was on the phone. She recognized their voices. She even grunted back at Pap just like she does when she's with them.

**Making funny faces at Mommy**
She started the new sitter this week and so far has done great with her. I was worried about upsetting her schedule, but she just took it in stride and has been the same great baby we've always had.

We can't wait to go to the doctor for her Synagis shot. At least then, they'll weigh her and we'll have an idea of how much weight she's gained. She is completely into 0-3 month clothing now. Her newborn clothes just weren't long enough for her anymore! She's starting to get more hair. It fuzzes a lot on her head now where it used to just lay down. Its still dark. She might be a brunette yet!!

**So tired and ready for bed**

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