Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good News Week

So this week has rolled in some very, very good news on our home front. Things are finally looking up.
Russ and I had been discussing lowering the asking price on the condo because it didn't seem to be having much action. Guess what?!? We got a call on Monday night from the realtor who said he had someone wanting to make an offer! YAHOO!! We got the offer last night and it was $4,000 below our asking price --- OUCH! We counteroffered with the amount that we had planned to drop the asking price to and got another counteroffer that will afford us a little profit. Believe me when I say little, I mean little with a capital "L". However, the fact that we will be one house payment shorter each month and not have to pay the utilities or condo fees on it is just enough to make me do a jerky, funny dance around this morning. Please feel free to picture me doing this goofiness if it will give you a laugh on this rainy, cold Wednesday morning.

As if that weren't good enough news, Russ and I also met with a potential babysitter last night to keep our little angel while my aunt is away for seven weeks enjoying the sunnier southern region. Aren't we all a little jealous? I know I am. Looks like I will have to forego the trip to Florida this year :( But, back to the subject at hand. The lady was very good with Roxy while we were there, has previous experience caring for a preemie baby who weighed less than Roxy when they were born, has awesome references from people who still take their children back to visit even though she no longer keeps them, and is willing to take Roxy on the short term basis. Check another task off of the to-do list.

As if all of that wasn't the greatest things to have happen right now, Mommy gets a one-hour massage on Saturday. For one whole hour I get to listen to relaxing music and have someone else work the tension and stress out of me. What better way to spend your birthday?


  1. Happy (almost?) Birthday! And congrats on the condo. It's so nice when everything starts falling into place.

  2. Thanks, Sara! My birthday is Saturday and I will be 27 :(


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