Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Time to Give Thanks

Its Thanksgiving and once again its time to give thanks where its due.
I'm thankful....
to God - for blessing me every day in even the most tiniest ways. He is awesome!
to UK Children's Hospital - for taking such wonderful care of my baby girl every day she in the NICU or Neonatal Nursery during her first 10 weeks of life. You lightened the scariness and panic of our situation by being such a great place with wonderful nurses and doctors!
for my parents - for bringing me into this world, raising me, and continuing to support me throughout my life's journey.
for my siblings who have been there for me throughout it all and who made growing up so much more interesting.
for my family and friends - you make life interesting and have always been there for me.
for Russell - I couldn't have asked for a better life partner. You truly are my other half!
for my sweet baby girl, Roxy - having you has changed my life in the best ways possible. I can't imagine life without you!
that I have a job in today's economy.
that I can afford my own home, a car to drive, food in my fridge and cupboards, clothes (and shoes!) in my closet, and still have (a little) money in the bank to buy things I want.
that I can read and write and was given the opportunity to go to college.
that I live in America.
that I have insurance.
for my senses - being able to see my daughter, hear her cry, touch her face, smell her right after her bath...
for my life.
My list could continue to go on and on, but its early in the morning and my mind is going in 1,000 different directions right now. I do believe I hit the most important bullets. I don't think we think about everything we do have to be grateful for often enough, nor do we thank God for what we have enough. Today, I am truly thankful for everything I've been given.

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