Monday, April 17, 2017


Starting in Kindergarten, it used to be that getting Roxy ready in the morning was a challenge (Editor's Note:  It still can be, just not as often).  There were empty threats, bribes, tears, and screaming.  Just to get dressed and get her hair fixed.

Roxy started second grade this year and I finally gave up and started letting Roxy pick out her own clothes for the day.  I'm sure that doesn't gain me any Mom points, but it really made my life a little easier in the morning.  Add in the hair relaxation that Roxy gets every couple months and our mornings, although still hectic, a little easier.

The pictures below are some of Roxy's outfits from this year.  She says she is going to be a fashion designer so you can see some possible fashion choices that may be on the market in about 20 years or so.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wild, Wild West Tour {2017}

Spring break is here and I am desperately missing my week's vacation in wonderful, warm, sunny Florida.  I don't know if its the changes at work recently or the change in Kentucky weather from 80 degree days to 45 degree days, but I am out of sorts and wishing I had my butt on the beach right now.

We opted to try something different this year.  Our beloved Naye and Pap want to show Roxy the western part of the country so we decided to do a ten-day road trip and see some western states this year.  The only bad part of that plan is that I have another nine weeks before I get my ten day vacation.

I'm super excited about this trip.  For a girl that's never been west of the Mighty Mississippi, its finally going to happen.

We are starting out from here in Kentucky and will go through Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona.  We are going to take the famous Route 66 for at least part of the trip.  Pairing that with the national parks along the way and we are going to be seeing so many amazing sights!  Its going to be overload.

The two things that I am most prepared for are taking lots of pictures (hello, 64gb memory card!) and journaling what we see and do each day.

What I'm not prepared for is attempting to pack for ten days and only use a backpack.  There are going to five of us in an eight-seat vehicle along with our suitcases/backpacks, a cooler, and all the other miscellany that comes with traveling with a young child.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!  How to pack, what to see, must-dos, must-not-does...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Long Time, New Diagnoses

Once again, I'm waiting way too long between posts.  I'm hoping that with the update of the blog along with the new domain name, I can get back in the game and you'll hear from me more often.

One of the biggest things that has happened around here lately is Roxy's ADHD and ODD diagnoses.  We noticed some behavior issues at home that were only worsening and then the same issues started at school.  When I was told that our barely 7-year-old could be suspended from school, I knew we had to do something.

A good friend recommended a therapist and we decided to start there.  We spent almost an hour going over the issues we'd noticed as well as about a thousand other things that I never linked to our problems.  In the end, the therapist said ADHD with ODD.

Therapy has been helping tremendously.  We are trying to stay away from medication right now and see how far we can get with therapy, diet changes and reinforcement at home.

I'm sitting on the couch where I just finished compiling lists of books for both me and Roxy.  Mine are all about ADHD and ODD and how to parent an ADHD/ODD child.  Roxy's are about dealing with anger and making friendships, two of her biggest issues.

If any of you reading this are or have dealt with ADHD, please give a fellow mama any advice, tips, or suggestions you might have.  At this point, anything will help!


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